Job Descriptions and Relevant skills

I've been talking to a few people and they have been suggesting for me to reconsider what field I want to go into. Namely, I have been targeting wealth management positions but everyone is saying I should not go into wealth management given my profile, background, set of skills...etc. 2 people (already in the field) suggested I should go into HF while 2 other ones say ER.

I wanted to hear from everyone (in all finance industries IB, ER, WM, AM, PE, CO, CF...)what their industry is like and what sort of person should go into that line of work. Something like this:

Skills needed: (Math-heavy, personable, sales, 10-K reading heavy...etc)
Aptitude: (Do you need to be someone that can project themselves well to clients or are you a desk person behind the scenes).
Entry level position difficulty: (1-10) 10 being the hardest of all to get into.
General description of your job and day to day activities:

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May 11, 2019