Job Starts 4 Months After I Graduate -- Any Recommendations for What I Should Do?

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Got a job at a top consulting firm, but it starts kinda late. I have about 4 months between my graduation and my start date. I have some money set aside, but certainly not enough to make it through the whole summer. Any recommendations for what I should do?

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Feb 20, 2020

Go abroad (Spain/France) and tutor english. You make decent money, good hours and you can spend the rest of the time exploring and partying. They have companies that will set this up for you.

Feb 21, 2020

Not sure where you're located but head to SE Asia if you can. Backpacking there can be done quite cheap ($20 - $30/day, e.g. Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos). For booking cheaper flights, clear your cache and use a VPN (set your location to a lower income country) - that should save you a few hundred bucks.

Imo travel for 2 months or so and spend the rest of your time catching up with friends and family. If you're joining a top firm you're gonna be working fairly long hours so enjoy the downtime while you have it. If you're bored pick up some self help or finance books. Learn how to trade stocks/get into ETFs to start building your nest egg of wealth early on.

Enjoy your time off and best of luck with the new job!

Feb 21, 2020


If there's even a 20% chance you want to go to B school, why not take it now? You'll never have this much free time again and you're already in the "schooling" mode.

I am a few years out now, applying to b school soon, and have never been happier that I got my GMAT out of the way during that summer after graduating and before starting in consulting.

If you are interested in b school, bonus points would also be to look into 2+2 / deferred admish programs

Feb 21, 2020