Johns Hopkins MBA... Worth it?

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Hello, I am trying to change my career from managing logistics company to investment banking. I am applying to a couple of business schools for an MBA including Johns Hopkins(JHU) , Rutgers, Colorado University, Illinois State University. I am positive i will be accepted to all of them, but i am confused of which one to choose.

I think Johns Hopkins(JHU) is a great name, but they are not known for business. JHU and Rutgers cost around $70,000. While the other schools cost around $35000.

Does anyone know someone from these schools working for wall street? and what do you guys think of JHU Carey school of business?

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Jul 30, 2017

This is a random list of schools. Howd you decide on these?

Jul 30, 2017

They are affordable and have good reputation locally, within the state. But not well known for business. I was wondering if JHU's name is worth it.

Aug 11, 2017

i think you should explore how the investment banking recruiting process works before returning to school and applying to this random list of schools.

Jul 30, 2017

From your list of schools, unless they give you full scholarship and you are in distresses financial state, don't bother going. The M7 schools have very structured recruiting process, with the following # 8 - 20 schools are catching up with both the prestige and rigorous aptitude to get into banking (notable: Fuqua, Cornell Citi program, etc.) You will be competing with people who are both from better name MBA, had better network and work extra hard too. Before you even start the race, you would already lose. It would have to be a lot of extra luck and work compared to just working hard now and getting into a better school

Logistic management is probably a rare story which should help you get a leg up in applying for MBA. And if you are positive you will be accepted to all of them, you obviously are not shooting high enough. Most top B-school should get you decent loans and job which will pay your investment back in 2 years (assuming you are not into bottles and models everyday)

Search on Linkedin for JHU alums on Wall St, I'm sure there are some

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Aug 13, 2017

JHU MBA is not going to get you to wall street through any traditional routes. And very few JHU MBAs on the street. There are a bunch of undergrads, so you'd have to network with them. Same with all of the other schools (albeit more in MO / BO positions).

Most of the top 20-2 schools have traditional paths - you don't just need to go to M7. Stick to the typical Finance schools for best shot (Wharton, chicago, stern, cornell, fuqua, etc)

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Aug 13, 2017

i think the pe and healthcare IB med stuff would be much more focused on the med school you got into, no?

Aug 13, 2017