J.P. Morgan Corporate & Investment Banking Risk Summer Analyst: Online Screening Questions

So I just took the assessment for CIB - Risk; I am a sophomore for reference. I believe this round is due the 16th - tomorrow.

You have 60 seconds to prepare before each question, you get three tries. Each try you are given 90 seconds to answer. The questions ask for some pretty loaded answers so make sure you polish up last second.

Here is roughly the three questions I got, I was kind of thrown off because it is different from what everyone is saying it is on the other threads; that being said, I think I did fine and anyone who is serious will do so as well.

  1. What do you know about this role and what made you pursue it?
  2. Tell me about a current event and your predictions on it's effects in the markets - elaborate
  3. Tell me about times where you pursued more responsibility. Inside AND outside the classroom