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Has anyone received an interview for this position? I did some reading because I am failing to fully understand the difference in e-trading and traditional sales and trading. What I am able to gather is that this is more of automation rather than traditional order inputs. However the pre-requisitions did not state that you needed to have knowledge in computer science or certain languages, perhaps because this is the research part of it?

Things to note, This is my first video interview sent to me after completing the pymetrics. Any idea what questions to expect for this role? or a link to where I can read more about this type of role?

I have also received a few HireVue requests from Morgan Stanley for equity research and as a summer analyst for 2021, I presume the initial interviews will be mostly behavioral standard questions? Do they ever include brain teasers etc?

I understand the point is to treat it like a normal interview however pressure during interviews can be a bit different relative to other pressures you face on the job.


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