Hi guys:

I received an email from J.P. Morgan inviting me to a 1st round phone interview this week.

My question is, what does it mean that this position is "off-cycle"?

Does this mean the hiring process will be faster than a regular "in-cycle" interview process that normally occurs later in the year?

Does this mean they need a replacement ASAP?

Thank you!

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Are you a graduating senior? Off-cycle, from my understanding, means that they need someone ASAP, but for a short period: 3 months, 6 months, etc.

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I graduated in December of 2012.


Off-cycle usually just means that you won't be working in the summer (from June to August). As far as internships are concerned, regular SAs do 10 weeks during summer vacation, so off-cycle can range anywhere from a 3 to 6 month stint in the fall or winter, when most college kids would be back in school.

No idea as to whether or not the off-cycle process is any quicker.


Off-cycle means that someone has left the firm in between recruiting cycles and you're interviewing for one spot versus a traditional 10 spot analyst class for example. This means you wouldn't receive formal training until the beginning of the next cycle either.


Out of curiosity how were you able to land an off-cycle interview?


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