JPM First round phone interview - All technicals, what are the chances of a next round?

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I just completed a first round interview for JPM Asset Managment Summer analyst program. The interviewer was not at all interested in getting to know me or starting a conversation. All they wanted to know was about my previous work experience (Growth focused portfolio manager and Energy focused HF) and how much accounting I knew. I was thrown three accounting technicals and one asking about how I would go about deciding whether or not to recommend a buy or sell on a company and to walk them through my process. Next, I was asked about a DCF. I let the interviewer know that I was only an international studies and Econ major and as a result was not too familiar with many of these concepts.

The interviewer seemed uninterested and really did not make an effort to get to know me at all. I was disappointed as I was expecting a fairly straightforward behavioral interview maybe with some questions about the market. I was asked no current market questions, no Econ questions, or current events questions.

After my inability to fully answer the technicals I am not too sure if the interviewer will push me through to the next round. I elaborated well about my intern experience and talked about my skills, I was just unable to answer many of the technicals completely.

I followed up with the interviewer thanking him for his time. Do I have any other options at this point or just hope for the best?

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Sep 21, 2017


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Sep 21, 2017

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