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Hi everyone. I'm a sophomore at a non-target (SEC) majoring in finance and management. I don't currently have an internship lined up for this summer, but still have some outstanding applications.

I just received a message on LinkedIn from a recruiter at JPM telling me about a position called "2019 Global Finance & Business Management Analyst Program - Summer Program." I applied pretty much immediately after receiving the message and was wondering if anyone had any previous experience with JPM's recruiters/had dealt with an internship program like this in the past and had any advice/information to share.

Thanks all.

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Mar 16, 2018

Hey 3mh-

Last summer, I had an internship with J.P. Morgan in the Newark, DE office. Back then it was "Finance Analyst Development Program." They decided to switch the name to make it less of an analyst position I'm sure.

First things first, it is MUCH more of an accounting based position - that is if you select Controller as your role (obviously). I know you have four choices (Project Management, Controller, Business Management, and Financial Analyst). Everyone in my internship class chose Financial Analyst for obvious reasons. We soon found out that we were placed in a controller role. If you work in the Delaware office, I can almost guarantee there is a 99.99% chance you will be placed in an accounting based role. That's not to say that is a bad thing. But, if you choose the New York location (from what I have experienced) you would have a much better chance to have a finance role.

Anyways, having J.P. Morgan on your resume, as a sophomore, is a huge advantage. I chose to work in DE, to save money by living at home which was a definite plus. The work was not entirely too exciting... so I decided to make a switch into consulting. The internship paid well and I was exposed to a corporate environment for the first time which was beneficial. Right now, J.P. Morgan is hiring final applicants to fill in positions they have not yet filled. I could write on and on about this program, but PM me if you have specific questions.

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Oct 15, 2018