JPM S&T Placement Day

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To anyone who has gone through the JPM Markets/S&T summer placement, I would love to hear any thoughts or best practices going into it. Since the program is non-rotational, I understand how important the process is.

1) How would you best communicate to a desk that they are your "top choice" without sounding like you are brown nosing. Until now, I've simply been networking with a couple desks to learn more and so they know who I am.

2) To my understanding, we list our top choices and the desks do as well. I'm not sure how many "choices" we get to list, does anyone know? Also, is it common to get your first or second choice? FWIW - I understand some desks attract more interest from the class, not concerned since I don't think I am pursuing those based on interest.

3) Any advice or experience of how the actual day goes, how the conversations go, and how to best follow-up after the placement day would be very appreciated.

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Feb 10, 2019