JPM/MS vs Moelis as an associate

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Most of the topics on this board are analyst focused, so wanted to get your thoughts for associate roles. Would you take a boutique job over a bulge job (obviously group, etc matter)? What advantage would it be (in terms of job placement) to go to a Moelis or would it be a disadvantage...i know options get smaller the higher up you get (no megafund recruiting, etc), but wanted to evaluate offers based on exit options...cheers!

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Oct 19, 2009

Associates shouldn't be looking for "exit options." They should be looking for (are are hired on the basis of whether the bank thinks they have more than a miniscule chance of succeeding in this) the best way to develop into a revenue producer for the bank or some other bank. Only Analysts have "exit options" and in exchange for that extremely lucrative intangible compensation they are paid peanuts (relatively) and work ungodly hours - as they should. If you are entering banking as an Associate, sorry, but the whole "I'll do PE in a few years" ship has sailed.

Oct 20, 2009