JPMorgan Chase Freshman Experience

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Has anyone heard if they have been accepted to the JPMorgan Chase Freshman Experience Program yet? I did the video interview last week and haven't heard anything yet.

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Apr 7, 2017

A friend and I have already heard back for the second weekend. I'm not sure if they are still accepting more. Best of luck!

Apr 7, 2017

Hey I did the interview 5 days ago and heard back being accepted for the first weekend.

Apr 7, 2017

When did you get your acceptance? I did my interview online and it was due 3/29. Did you end up getting two links?

Apr 7, 2017

They extended the due date to the 2nd for me no just got one link. PM me

Apr 2, 2018

Can anyone tell me about how many people apply and how many get accepted?

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Apr 7, 2018

did you get it?

Apr 2, 2018

yes, did u?