Jr. Financial Analyst Interview - Land Acquisition - Process Advice

A little context...

I'm going through the interview process for a REIT/property management company for a junior financial analyst position on the acquisitions team. They have historically done value-add multifamily acquisitions, so that's what I've spent most of my time researching.

But in my first informational interview with the hiring lead, they told me that the position is part of their new strategy to acquire land to develop new multi-family properties. The issue is I have no real idea what I'm looking for when it comes to acquiring just land, and not an existing property.

How does the process change? I will be expected to run through the steps for finding a piece of land and explaining what makes it favorable. Besides market and specific location, what other factors should I be looking at?

They told me that the job will be a lot of market research, but the position is reporting directly to the VP of acquisitions so I'm sure I would be doing the brunt of the work (or at least heavily involved) in the early stages of the acquisition.

I'm new to commercial real estate so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Aug 14, 2018
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