Jumping into PE in New York or London

Hi guys,

I just entering my second year analyst level at a BB Investment bank in London and looking to jump into PE either after my second year or in my third year. I would like to know the recruiting procedures at both London and New York for big PE shops like Blackstone, KKR etc etc.

I know in the U.S, things are really structured, it is usually two year as an analyst at an IB then PE. However, I am not sure how does PE recruitment works in Europe, esp in London, my feeling is that it is less structured and I can jump to big PE shops any time between my second year and third year and maybe even when I am an associated, correct me if I am wrong.

Would really love to know the recruitment procedures at big PE shops in both London and New York. I come from a top target school in the UK with a masters and I will have worked at a top tier BB investment bank's IBD for two years next year. What are my chances? Thanks alot people

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Jun 25, 2010 - 9:09am

heard recruiting in US comes later than in the US. But I assume headhunters and your sponsors coverage MDs at your bank would be the most helpful ones (that's the case in the US). The MDs in your group or sponsors may recommend you for interviews if their clients need people.
In the US, Oxbridge, CPI, SG Partner, and Amity, Mckibben are the best / most important headhunters, maybe Cornell Partners in the UK? (not sure)
Your performance, group, bank, alum, etc., would all determine your chance. Good luck! But my guess is.. it'd be hard for you to move to the US for PE... if you really want that, do it after mba.

Jun 25, 2010 - 12:10pm

Hi thanks for your reply. I thought my chances with PE firms in New York is going to be tough.

I really dont fancy doing an MBA, personally I dont think it will teach me much more than what I already know as I have already got a masters, MBA is more for networking rather than learning, in my opinion.

I would thought, if I get into PE in London, then I might be able to do a internal transfer to New York, as getting into PE in London definitely doesnt need a MBA. Alternatively, I could try to do PE for a few years in London, then do a MBA in the U.S then move to PE in the states. I am guessing these are the two options for me right?

I think given my situation moving to PE in New York straight away after two years as an analyst in London might be too hard to pull it off.

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