Jumping Ship as an Intern


In need of some blunt advice as I am at a fork. I am currently interning for my junior summer at a MM PE fund not enjoying the experience at all, bad culture, worse projects, and am not learning at all. I am nearly fully siloed from the deal team, working on obscure databases and am not looped in on deal activity. I have a FT IB offer with start date ~May 2022, but was given the option to leave my current role and work at the IB for the remainder of the summer.

- Will ramp up the learning curve and be a more useful analyst out of the gate, will lead to better bonuses sooner, and base is better
- Can't enjoy my summer any less than I am now

- Will burn the bridge at the current role
- May look bad on the resume and require delicate explanations in the future

I am willing to stick this out for another few months if need be, but am wondering if it is smarter to cut my losses and move on. I do not think the work will improve over the course of the summer. I am trying very hard to not be entitled and "too good" for the work as I understand interns do grunt work, but 95% of my job could be done by an elementary school child.  

Thanks for the advice. 

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