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Soon I will have a 2 hours interview for a Junior PM position in a french bank, but I have no idea how to prepare or what to expect from the interviewers. I have to mention that I have a very limited work experience, and from where I am, this opportunity is rare, but I really enjoy this domain.

From the description of the job, I will work on equity and fixed income funds, I will help the Senior PM with the analysis and recommendations in what to invest and why. In addition to this I will be involved in the operational side of things, writing reports, managing liquidity and I will also be involved in regulation projects such as MiFID, EMIR and so on.

Besides the investment side of things, I will work with the Risk, Back Office and Compliance departments.

As I said, I have no idea on what to brush on for this interview. From what I understand, they are looking for someone good with the technical side of things.


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Oct 31,2017

You're the PM's assistant. Depending on how much experience you have with direct investing and how capable you are, you might be doing more analysis than liaison, but from what I've seen, it's mostly liaison. Expect standard questions, kind of hard to curve ball you aside from the standard interview questions you've seen on wso.

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Oct 31,2017