Junior Year Advice (Original Summer Plan Cancelled)

Hello all,

I am a junior at a strong non-target. I was supposed to be going abroad to Shanghai this summer, but something happened with the Visas in our program where the whole thing is being wiped. I am now nervous for what I will be doing next summer, as when I go to full-time recruiting this may seem like an excuse (if I end up going the IB route).

I took an unpaid IB internship at a boutique in NYC last summer, but now that I essentially missed the entire recruitment process for 2019, I am looking for an internship. I do not care about prestige and I am not looking for a resume builder, per say. I was wondering where else I should look for a great learning experience, that is still recruiting at this point in the year? Ideally I can get something lined up before the holiday season.

Any advice, at all, would be much appreciated. I have no problem being aggressive with emails and networking. Last summer, I emailed just over 30 alumni, from boutiques and BB, and spoke with 2/3 of them. I am not quite sure what I should be doing now.


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