Would it be possible to add a "find all posts by this user" function to the profile? This way if you see someone who seems like he knows what he is talking about...you can see all of his posts.

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if you click on the "advanced" link under the forum search box, you will be brought to this page:
http://www.ibankingoasis.com/trip_search/advanced/... one of the criteria is a username to search by.

also, if you add that person to your buddylist, you can see the recent posts from all your buddies on one page.

hope that helps.

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nychimp.. as you may know, that feature doesn't really work

try it with your own username


I think it does work. I just tried it and it worked for me. Are you usng the username box and date range? Can you be more specific?



Nope, the search doesn't work. I tried it, and in my case, it doesn't bring up any posts at all, and I posted atleast 5 or 6 times.

In your case, it shows only 11 posts.

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