Just Curious... which do you think is a better starting point

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If you had to start in public accounting (Big 4), which do you think would make you look better/prepare you better;
1. Going from Audit to Finance
2. Going from Tax to Finance

I know Finance is a general term, but just throwing this out for discussion.

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Aug 1, 2019

start from tax


Aug 1, 2019

no no no...DO NOT go into tax...i know a lot of tax accountants from the big 4...they all hate the job and wish they had gone into something else.

The only reason to go into tax is if you intend on leaving asap to go into an industry role...because tax at the big4 means long hours that NEVER go down...and for not great pay.

just google it...you're welcome

Aug 2, 2019

Audit for sure- as a follow up, what is your end goal?

Aug 7, 2019

I am trying to make the transition into finance. Long term goal of working for a VC firm. I am not sure about all of my options in finance and directions that I can go. I have had several tax internships, and have had the realization that I want to get out of accounting. I am unsure of whether Audit, BVal, or Transaction Advisory Services would be the best next move as I am about to gear up heavily on recruiting for a full time position this fall. Thanks for getting back to me.

Aug 7, 2019

I would probably say
1. BVal
2. TAS
3. Audit
In terms of your end goal of getting being VC. Best of luck!

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Aug 7, 2019

Thank you very much! One last question... Is it looked at much different if I am working for a firm's BVal practice in a city like Dallas or Atlanta, compared to NYC? Just curious as to how much working in a specific city can affect the employers view of your experience.

Aug 7, 2019
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