Just Graduated. Plans Changed. Need Advice

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Hello all,

I had been lurking around the forums for a while and decided to post with my unique situation to get some advice on how to proceed.

So I wanted to enter finance in NY. Obviously IB analyst would be the best but I would take anything that could give me some experience in the industry. I networked a lot with some smaller boutique IB shops in NY and I have an interview with one of them.

However, because of a family health issue I will now be in Houston for the foreseeable future. I know having a lot of dead time after graduation on your resume is a killer, so I wanted to hear what you guys thought I should do. Because I lack strong experience in finance and I need time to help out with the family I was thinking of getting something that requires less hours a week than IB in Houston and then explaining my situation during next year's recruiting season.

What do you think?

Some background. Economics major + Math minor from top 10 LAC with 3.4 GPA. Internships in a Government Bank (Bond-issuing) and a Think Tank.