Just joined a BB, might get shipped to Brooklyn. What now?

Hi All,
I'm in a bit of a sticky situation. I just joined a BB a few months ago in the Val Control group, after doing about 1.5 years in a quantitative valuation/ advisory role (advising clients on complex derivative transactions) at a big 4. Well, the job isn't exactly what I thought it would be, and while the background knowledge needed is fairly technical (with regards to derivatives and quantitative finance), the actual work really isn't, and I'm extremely unhappy in the position. In my current bank, the position itself is known as being pretty good/difficult for not being FO, as the specific product line works FO hours, and is probably the best/hardest product group to be in, in Val. Part of why I joined was that the team sits near the S&T desk but due to some "restructuring," so to speak, many people are moving offices and there is a high chance my team will be shipped to Brooklyn. This would add about 40 minutes to my commute and decimate my ability to network/ grab coffees with any Front Office derivatives people, either in my bank or any others.

What would you do in this scenario? I don't want to just hop jobs after a few months, but this is really not what I signed up for (either in work or location). The goal was to go front office (Ideally derivative structuring, or sales) after this role, but I'm not sure that's possible with only a few months under my belt. I did have a recruiter reach out with an FO derivatives position that was basically a dream job, but it might just be because LinkedIn doesn't show that I was in Valuation, just derivatives. With that said I do think I have the requisite skillset if I got an interview. For reference I have a quantitative MSc at an Ivy, am taking CFA level 3 in June, and have worked with clients in advising them on derivative transactions in my first job.

And since I feel like others should learn from my mistakes, here are a few tips to not get stuck in the same spot:
If you do an MS out of undergrad, shoot for an internship while you are there. Don't try to finish early and get a job. No one wants to pay you if you have no experience. Also, consider getting some kind of job before the MS.

If you want to do very quantitative work, you better be amazing at math. If you don't get a great quant-y job, there isn't a whole lot existing between that and very boring MO/BO positions. If you are "very good" but not amazing at math, you will have much better luck competing for S&T and other technical jobs that don't require you to be close to PhD level. I went to several super days where I thought I did well, up till one or two extremely hard questions, which I thought no one else would get either. Turned out one friend I made during the super day was getting his PhD and crushed those questions.

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

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Mar 11, 2018