Just updated my resume, need some feedback!

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Following some suggestions from my previous attempt at uploading my resume for review, I reformatted according to the M&I Banking Resume Template. I think since the credit deals are a bit limited in comparison to IB deals it is difficult to use the format. However I do understand the benefit especially if I am trying to apply and interview for Investment Management/Hedge Fund jobs. Let me know what you think. Need some feedback since this is a first draft in the new format. Thanks in advance!

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Jan 12, 2015

1. "used in transaction" you forgot the word "in"

2. "Transaction resulted in enhanced liquidity" seems like there is a double space at the beginning of the sentence.

3. Add "Interests" or "Hobbies" to the bottom section of your resume

4. "Credit facility to nearly $900MM
modified capital structure to allow for growth and acquisitions" I feel like you're missing a period or a comma after "$900MM

5. The grammar on a lot of your sentences seem off or wrong, I would have someone proofread your resume. Also, try to make your resume more concise if possible.

Jan 12, 2015

"...including capital restructuring,shareholder distributions, growth financing, acquisition financing, and asset purchases. "

Jan 12, 2015

Thanks for the feedback. Considering this was my first draft in a new format, I am mostly interested to see if this works better than the last format I used.

Jan 12, 2015

Just uploaded with some changes made. I am skeptical of this format because I don't feel like there is enough room to convey all the responsibilities etc. of my position. I understand it is "deal-centric" for a reason but that takes up most of the room.

Also, does anyone have any thoughts of me including a line item about personal investing experience?

Jan 13, 2015

Personal investing - it's already under "Interests"; that's all you need.
And speaking of that section:

"Interests: Personal investing, Avid golfer, Classic film enthusiast"

English 101. When in a list, make all items parallel in grammatical structure. So you would want this instead:

"Interests: Personal investing, golf, classic films" (no need to capitalize either)

.... unless you really are interested in avid golfers and classic film enthusiasts. I don't judge.

Bold your company names for easier reading.

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Jan 13, 2015

Ok thanks for the feedback

Mar 2, 2015

Bullet points need to be much more 1) results-oriented, 2) quantifiable, and 3) applicable to the "working world". For example, as a strength/conditioning coach,
where you responsible for any sort of recruitment/business development? Did you run any analyses on your workout programs to test their effectiveness? etc.



Mar 3, 2015