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We had an alumnus come talk about his job in one of my classes. I already have a job lined up, but think he's a pretty cool guy and he's working at a company that I might want to work at in the future (3-5 years from now). We talked for a little afterwards and I got his card. How am I supposed to keep in contact with him? Do I just send an email thanking him for taking the time to come talk to the class?

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Just reach out and tell him you enjoyed talking to him and you'd like to connect with him again if you're in the area, or he's in your area, whatever. Then send follow-ups periodically asking for his advice about your full-time job, some activities you can involved in, other stuff. When people give you advice they become vested. Also, be interested in his life. (in a non-creepy way) Periodically call once a month or so and see how he's doing. Send him articles, ask what he thinks about the market, sports teams, whatever. Then he'll actually be more of a mentor/friend. Then you can easily ask for advice when you're looking to get into that company later, which will be a recommendation from him (that he'll offer for you)

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I always thank these people for the talks right after the presentation if possible. Try and find out some unique things about them. Then I sent articles or news pieces to these people whenever I see something they may like

It's worked well. People like when you do the content curation for them


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