Keeping Recruitment Connections Open?

Hey all--

With SA recruiting timelines being the way they are, I ended up accepting an offer while in the middle of some other processes, like most people. Overall, I'm happy with where I landed, and it would be great to get a full-time offer later on; however, this is a buyside internship with low return offer rates, and I want to keep my options open. 

While recruiting, I was interviewing with a smaller PE firm, and I clicked really well with the people there. I dropped out of the process after accepting my offer, but it would be a place that I'd like to apply to for their full-time analyst position (2023). They recruit directly from my school, and I feel like it would be a bit strange to drop off my resume again without acknowledging that I'd been interviewing with them a year prior. When would be a good time to reach out? Should I even reach out, or should I just let them sort it out? Any advice is welcome. 

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  • Intern in AM - Equities
Jan 14, 2022 - 8:53am

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