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Hi all,

I recently started a job as an analyst at a boutique middle market IB a few months after heavily networking during the school year with the intention of eventually lateraling after a year. The boutique will give me great deal experience and works with a variety of companies in different industries but the comp is below average and most of my network is located in a different part of the country (same coast but still quite the distance away).

I set up a few networking calls with a few of my connections that I made at bigger and more reputable firms when I was recruiting for FT positions and was wondering how many of you would approach these conversations. My goal here is to keep in touch so that eventually when I do get enough experience at my current firm I should be able to lateral in an experience analyst role.

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Jul 7, 2018

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Jul 7, 2018


Jul 7, 2018

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Jul 8, 2018

I have a ton of connections that I don't have immediate use for but love hearing what they're up to. Usually call them once every few months just to check in or discuss something I think can add value to what they're doing or make an introduction. IE introduced a partner at a VC firm to a tech company looking to raise that looked good but isn't really my specialty.

Jul 8, 2018