Honesty did not have any real finance related stuff here

Story: I was initially planning on not going to college and moving to new york to audition for movies/broadway and stuff, but i decided last second to go to college to try it out. If acting didn't pan out i was planning on going into medicine.

I was interested in the sciences and set out to become a doctor, but over the summers i had a business related thing, was successful. My uncle works on wall street [works at stock market Dow Jones/S&P/NASDAQ in new york] told me i might be successful there, and to check it out. i started looking at stuff and became more interested in finance, mainly by first getting a glimpse of microfinance. started attending info sessions and here i am

kept some stuff out for privacy stuff such as GPA, college, locations, specific names

I've been in contact with VPs/MDs/Analysts at various companies: BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, baml, and JP Morgan

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Financial Modeling

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