Kinda torn on what offer should I pick?

Option 1:
It is a small no name consulting firm in the bay area. Roughly 50 people. Only one office though growing quick;y. Think ( They work with large tech companies like apple, google, oracle, hp doing work with their partners doing lots of marketing style work.

Option 2:
I have a temp job offer from a contracting firm. It would be for a bank in the bay area in their tech corporate bank group. work with a lot of startus and give them loans. Think (Wells Fargo, etc).

Now I'm torn on what to pick. obviously the consulting firm is marketing which isn't really my interest but it is full time. The corporate bank is in awesome industry sector group but not full time. If i could get FT after a few months of temp I think i could leverage it for some banking or Asset Management jobs as it would not be as time intensive so I could study for my cfa.

My worries about each position. The consulting group is pretty much a no name group and would be bad for bschool. The bank is a temp and is not FT.

What are your thoughts.

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Jul 30, 2013 - 9:17pm
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