Knopman Marks series 79 textbook (7th edition) for sale - still in plastic wrapping

I am selling the textbook that came with my series 79 package that I purchased recently. A co-worker had already given me hers so I never touched my copy, it was definitely key in my exam prep (I passed the first time by a lot if that helps you decide if you need the book or not).

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May 14, 2018

Asking $100

Nov 26, 2018

have you sold it yet?

Nov 26, 2018


Nov 27, 2018

How about 200 silver bananas?

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Feb 4, 2019

This still available?

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Feb 10, 2019

I have the Knopman 79 TO Text with Class Notes

Feb 4, 2019

Great. What would you be asking for for those?

Feb 10, 2019