KPMG Deal Advisory Case Day

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Hi everyone,

A while ago I saw an older post regarding the KPMG Deal Advisory super Case Day and I was wondering whether someone could share their experiences.

It concerns the KPMG Deal Advisory Rotation Program (M&A, TS, Strategy Group, Valuation, Debt Advisory).
I have completed all the previous rounds and now what remains is the super case day coming week which consists of:

3 interviews with mid-level executives
2 hours to prepare a presentation on a case
1,5 hours of case presentation
partner interview

They've sent me an IM on a company that I could use to prepare for the case and no info is given on what the case is going to be about. (trying to sell the company, market dynamics, synergie analysis, you name it....)

Anyone who has experience with this? What can I do besides reading the IM?

Thanks, in advance,

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Nov 5, 2018