Landing on top IB firms from second tier firms

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Looking for some advice regarding my career path from all intelligent fellows in WSO. Let me briefly go over what I have been through.

After graduation from uni with communications major, I started my career as a relationship manager in the corporate banking side and had spent two and a half year. RM in commercial banking side was too boring and I did not have any feeling that I was obtaining necessary hard skills. In early 2018, I transferred to the second tier IB house and became a first year IBD LevFin analyst. For past 10 months, my team successfully closed three secondary deals and one primary deal. As the house is not too big, the teams are not divided depending on sectors. So, we are covering all industries basically.

I am more interested in focusing on primary deals rather than secondary deals. Unfortunately, bosses here prefer to focus more on secondary deals, which consume less time and can earn handsome fees. I do not expect to see any change in this business plan in coming few years.

Despite the fact that it will be quite tough, I want to land on Lev.Fin analyst position in top tier IB firms, which I believe I could enjoy more opportunities to work on primary deals with more focus on specific sectors.

Is it too early for me to think of such issues? If it is worth leaving this firm, what kind of preparations should I do to enter top tier IB firms in 2019? Should I re-enter as year 1 analyst?


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Oct 19, 2018