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Interviewing for a Portfolio Associate role at LaSalle Investment Management this week. Curious if anyone could shed some light on the role or group. Wondering what the difference is between this role (seems more high level analysis/strategic) and an Asset Management role/Associate in Asset Management, or that maybe the Portfolio Associate is the evolution from a Senior Analyst in Asset Management? Would be grateful to know if anyone has anything on hours/comp/path to promotion/etc for this. Glassdoor is not the most reliable as we all know. Currently at a base of $105K and 20% bonus, w/5.5 YoE (4.25 directly related to RE). They are looking for someone with 3+ YoE commercial real estate valuations/skilled in Argus/Excel, which I have/am, where I work now is a top shop, experience with all asset types, tier 1 clients, and significantly more complex work than just an appraisal of a single TT industrial building with a 10-year lease concluding on a Direct Cap. Based on my exp and the current market, I believe I could get the high end here (my job is great now, but am interested and want to get back on the equity side, worked at a REIT prior to my current stint). Any insight would be great here or in a private message.

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Nov 17, 2021 - 10:14am

The Portfolio Associate role at LIM tends to be very different than an AM role at LIM. In the AM group, you're focused on property level valuations, budgets, etc. across a variety of funds / separate accounts. The Portfolio Associate role generally focuses on one fund (i.e., LaSalle Property Fund, JLL Income Property Trust, etc) or a specific separate account (i.e., TRS, CalPers, etc.) You'll generally be working closely with an MD within one of these funds/clients to do portfolio level analyses and prepare investor material. In other words, you'd be the de-facto representative for all analyses related to a singular portfolio. Hours are cushy (less than 50 per week). In terms of comp, I can't say specifically what the "top" end would be, but for an Associate role, I'd imagine you end up around $125k - $150k all in.

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Nov 17, 2021 - 9:10pm

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