Late Round Interview Tips

I'll start out with a background on myself for context (there may be some others in the same boat given where the finance industry is going): I started out in IB as an analyst and moved into the VC (tech focused) world soon after I realized I didn't want to build models and decks for MD's all day every day-I had an entrepreneurial itch that needed scratching. Now that I've been here a while I'm looking to join a FinTech startup or one of the many budding venture studio/tech hedge fund-ish entities that are popping up.

Case & Point: I've interviewed with a few of these companies and I've noticed they all have super drawn out interview processes--I've had about 4-5 rounds for the position I'm currently interviewing for and was told I'll have 2-3 more plus a trip to HQ if I am one of the final candidates. I had one of these interviews the other day and barely even had any questions to ask at the end of it because A) I've talked to so many people B) I solidly understand the company and my role C) I've already had an interview with this person.

Question: What is etiquette for later stage interviews when you've already talked to the person (or not)? Is it weird to continue to send the obligatory Thank You notes? Do I need to have more questions?

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Sep 6, 2019