Late to Interview follow-up

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Thanks in advance to your advice it is very much appreciated.

I was 30 min late to a schedule interview. I called about 10 minutes before apologizing that i was running late and they said no problem we will wait for you.

Reason for being late: Valid reason take my word for it or i wouldnt bother thinking about emailing them.

Interview: Went super well, destroyed technicals and behavioral (I honestly just got a long very well with everyone who interviewed me). Got complimented by the VP and analyst on answering questions.

My question to you: Should I follow up with an email not only thanking them for seeing me but also to again apologize for being late? (I got referred by someone I met at a recruitment event and genuinely feel bad for being late possibly making them look bad for putting in a good word)

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Oct 10, 2019