Hey guys,

I'm a 2016 grad interested in lateraling to Deloitte as a BA. Don't really care if it's federal or commercial, but it seems that I either have to go through campus recruiting to be a BA or get in at the Consultant level, based on what 2-3 of my contacts have told me, and I don't want to wait that long. I'm fine with starting as a first year.

Has anyone made the jump to Deloitte in a BA role before and started from scratch? I've seen it done at MBB, but can't comment in this case.

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What are you currently doing? Are you currently in consulting or at another firm?

Management Consulting Interview Course


I'm in consulting at another firm (unknown boutique).


The Fallen Ape (Mergers&Inquisitions) had a few blog posts on this subject matter.


Anyone else?


why don't you simply apply at both the grad recruiting and send over your resume?

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This is your best shot IMO.


Do not understand why you federal vs. commercial does not matter. They are very different in terms of experience and exit options. Would be interested in hearing the explanation behind this.

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