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Feb 13, 2012

Which Wells group? Pretty important...

Also, lay off the caps.

Feb 13, 2012

lol still deciding? Which team did you like better? I personally like the team at Lazard MM CLT. Lazard MM in charlotte is mostly healthcare so keep that in mind.

Both places have their pros and cons.

Wells - you have more options to move around, better name in the south, safe bet on getting FT offer, more people too learn off of, and good training. Culture is nice, but you will work 90-100 hour weeks. SAs spend most of their time doing monkey work, unless its a TMT, M&A, or lev finn group <- I'd take wells if you were in either of these groups.

Lazard MM - not a lot of FT conversion within (unless you are a rock star SA), but you will likely get better experience than Wells, have a great name on your resume, and def a more laid back culture than wells. The CLT office has great deal flow (agn mostly HC) so you will be doing real work. i don't think they have a structured training program.. Lazard MM is a no brainer if you are dead set on MM banking/PE as a career.

Feb 13, 2012

I would choose Wells - good training, opportunities for FT in NYC/SF, more networking opportunities.

Both are good choices though - congrats!

Feb 13, 2012

Depends on where you are trying to go. Assuming you'd get a FT offer at either, Wells will likely leave you stuck in the south, while Lazard's name carries a lot more weight for BB NY firms and B-School.

Also know Wells CLT gives a decent amount of FT offers to those who don't participate in their SA program, so that being said, it would be an easy transition after working at Lazard. Not sure about moving to Lazard after another SA experience, but I assume they are more selective.

I agree they are both great choices, but given the circumstances, I wouldn't pass on Lazard.

Good Luck!

Feb 13, 2012

DaKing - you can absolutely go to NYC for FT from Wells.

Lazard MM is a completely different company than Lazard.

Feb 14, 2012