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Dear All,

I would need your help!

I think the title is clear: what Master would you rather chose?
Taking into consideration that:
- I'm French
- I want to work in IB in London to start my career but I'll probably come back to France later on
- I would prefer a 2-year Master

LSE seems the most known worldwide but the program is new and seems really theoric.
HEC is the best known in France.
LBS has amazing placement and is really practical but is only one year

Thank you guys! ;)

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Dec 15, 2017

Honestly, because you're French I'd say go with HEC. It will place very well in London, no doubt about that and it will be easier for you to come back to France whenever you want to. The French love their schools and your doing the GE program so that's another big plus in France. Because you speak French you'll be able to do great off-cycle internships in Paris during the gap year. If we were talking about LSE MSc Finance, the choice would've been more difficult IMO but honestly I don't think LSE or LBS's MiM will be better than HEC GE (especially if you're French).

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Jan 9, 2018


"The markets are always changing , and they are always the same."

Dec 15, 2017

Thank you guys! However, I should have specified that I'm currently taking a gap year, thus I'll not do another one during my master.

Dec 15, 2017

I'd recommend LBS if you're not doing the gap year with HEC. I don't know why you're looking for a 2-year Master, the younger you do your analyst stint the better it is, trust me.
It's truly jarring to be a Summer Analyst at 24 year-old working with British 19 year-olds.

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Dec 15, 2017

I'd rather do a 2-year master because in France it is well-regarded to have a "Bac+5".
This being said, you highlighted an interesting point: if at the end I secure the same analyst position, the younger, the better!

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Jan 23, 2018

I faced exactly the same decision you're facing. I'm French studying in the UK (final year) and did a one year internship (gap year) in London. I'll be going to LBS next year, although to do the MFA and not the MiM (more finance oriented).
For me it really comes to down to where you want to work, and whether you want to chill for two years or start sooner.
If you want to work in London, IMO LBS makes more sense since you'll be networking in the city where you will be working, so you'll have way more opportunities to land the job/firm you want. Still HEC places well in London so you would still be able to come to London but it will probably be a little harder and you might not get as much offers.
If you're still unsure at this point, it comes down to the uni experience. If you want to chill for two years without working then HEC is the best place IMO. From what I heard, LBS is also amazing and you'll have a lot of fun there, but in the end it's only one year and because people start looking for internships/jobs right at the start of the program I think it is more intense. One thing however at LBS and that you'll make friends of every nationalities while at HEC French people don't mix with others.
I'd recommend you to look at the MFA at LBS, it's a new (3 years) program that is much more finance oriented and intense and that places very well in IB (45%) and PE (13%).

In the end you can't go wrong, both schools are amazing and will probably get you the job you want, so do you want an intense international experience in London or a chill campus life near Paris? (I personally chose LBS because I already did 3 years on a campus, I love London, I like the fact that it's multicultural and I want to be independent asap)

Also I didn't talk of LSE because it's not a business school so you can't really compare the experience and because I believe LBS is better. Still from what I heard programs like finance or finance and PE place extremely well in IB as well so still can't go wrong, but they have a bad career service apparently.

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Jan 23, 2018

Hey thanks for your comment. I accepted LBS offer ultimately. I'll start the program next September. See you on campus

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Jan 23, 2018