LBS MiM vs. LSE MSc Accounting & Finance for IBD

Hey Everyone,

I am currently deciding between the LBS MiM and LSE MSc Accounting & Finance offers. I have read the numerous threads regarding this topic but they all seem somewhat outdated.

My main goal is to work in IBD in either London or Asia. To my understanding, LSE's reputation is slightly better than LBS within the realm of finance. However, LBS has a top notch career services centre and more "tight-knit" alumni network, factors which provide meaningful differentiation. LSE does not share much employment data.

I will be interning in Asset Management during the summer and have previous internship experience in IBD and wealth management. Which school would better help me with my goals?

On a side note, as a Canadian national, how easy is it to obtain a UK work Visa?

Thanks in advance!

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Apr 30,2017

Here is my two cents as a american. Both have a great brand, but I'd probably lean twos the MSc in finance vs the MiM. You'll learn more relevant material and your classmates will be more in line with your career goals.

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Apr 30,2017

Thanks TNA.

For the LSE program, is there a way to apply for summer internships or would I have to recruit for full-time immediately in September?

Apr 30,2017

12 months duration will imply a full-time job search right away...

Lbs and lse won't hurt either way. But If your recruiting starts day 1 of program, do you really think two extra finance classes matter?

Unlike TNA who took too many finance classes, I prefer LBS for stronger business alumni, top EU business school reputation, more experienced classmates in MBA & post experience MFin students, less competition for ib in MiM classmates, and a better rounded business sense.

Apr 30,2017

I disagree that LSE has a better reputation than LBS. LBS is constantly ranked among the tp 3 MBA programmes in the world. I know you are not applying for an MBA but think about all the great networking opportunities you would have coming from LBS.

Apr 30,2017

23+% (or was it 27%?) of LBS MiM '16 had full-time IBD offers and went into IB.
(check their 2016 Employment Report on the program's official website)
The LBS MiM is a non-risky great choice for Investment Banking career goals.

LBS MiM is still very well regarded by North American recruiters (United States, Canada) if you're a North American citizen who complete your undergraduate bachelor in a North American Higher Education institution before pursuing the so-called LBS MiM.

That means you'd still potentially be strong IB job contender in your home country Canada. Not just London.

Apr 30,2017

LBS MiM has definitely a better placement in IBD London than LSE MSc Accounting & Finance. LSE MSc Finance is a different story, but when it comes to LBS MiM vs. LSE MSc Accounting & Finance, then LBS hands down.

LBS Masters in Financial Analysis may be worth considering, although the programme was created a couple of years ago.

Jun 30,2017

Yes is new but it worth. Really strictly about admissions btw

The name of the game, moving the money from the client's pocket to your pocket

Jun 30,2017


I'd love to hear your opnion on:
For IBD placement

Jun 30,2017

No clue about LSE GMiM.
All I know is that LBS MiM gets you through the door at BBs easily. It's the only master's in management in Europe as far as I know that gets so many people interviews for FO roles,
If I had to do it again, I'd go LBS MiM, LBS Masters in Financial Analysis, or LSE MSc Finance and Private Equity in no particular order.

Jun 30,2017

Absolutely LBS!

The name of the game, moving the money from the client's pocket to your pocket

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Jun 30,2017

Both should get you ib interviews. Personally only saw a few LBS MBAs at my top BB, no master students; plus the LBS curriculum is a joke from what I hear. LSE places very strongly at MS/JPM/GS, you'll have alumni in literally every team at every major BB. Also, make sure to also apply for summer internships because Brexit uncertainty has pretty much reduced FT recruiting in London to 2-3 spots at some of the firms I know.

Jun 30,2017

My 1st target is LBS. I would pick LBS hands down.
Talked with alumni and current students, LBS have the real value added about networking and learning.
Good luck

Jul 31,2017

Thanks for the insight. I've decided to go for the LSE program because I think it will provide a better alumni base for a career in finance. Also exploring MBA options down the line and don't want to be dinged because of having done a MiM degree.

Meanwhile, anyone also attending the LSE program, feel free to reach out via PM!

Nov 30,2017

Are the MBA admission committees that reluctant on admitting previous MiM graduates? This is starting to seriously worry me... :/