Hi all!

I was admitted to LBS and HSG and was wondering what you would choose in my situation.

My plan is to start working at MBB or BB with a strong preference for the DACH Region as I am a non-swiss student who speaks German.

My opinion is the following.

Pro LBS:
• Global Brand, Top Faculty
• Global Network (+ stronger profiles)
• Curriculum suits my interests
• 1 Year Master's

Cons LBS:
• Smaller DACH network
• No personal connection to Switzerland
• DACH Teams probably won't recruit on campus

Pro HSG:
• Network concentrated on DACH
• DACH Teams recruit on campus
• Possibly easier to work in Switzerland with a Swiss degree

Cons HSG:
• Non Flagship (MBI, MUG, MaccFin)
• Faculty, Classmates not as strong as LBS
• Curriculum less appealing

What would be your decision and why? I am leaning towards LBS because of the aforementioned Pros, the strong DACH Club at LBS and because I am convinced that I would still be invited to interviews in the DACH Region coming from LBS.

Looking forward to your input!

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Jun 1, 2021 - 2:26am

I went to WHU for undergrad and now I'm in ER in London. While there are plenty of LBS alumni at my firm (+buyside), I've only met people from HSG within IBD and PE. But it really depends on you, if you want to be in DACH it won't make a big difference. But LBS is still the significantly better school

Jun 2, 2021 - 9:17pm

In-general -

Attend HSG if you want to stay in Switzerland. Given you are a non-swiss citizen, do not know how that affects the employability. 

LBS will give you access to London and some opportunities in DACH/Europe in major corporations. You can always start in London and transition later, but the LBS degree will carry more weight. 

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