Leaving a Sourcing Role?

Hi All,

Looking for some advice as I find myself in an unusual position. My background is heavy quantitative (applied math, computer science, physics) from a top 20 school and I fell into a sourcing role at a respected growth equity firm. I'm ~1~ year in, bored, and under compensated with a freshly minted $0 in net worth after finishing off my loans.

I have two questions 1) In my shoes, what are the high level cons of leaving to start a non venture scale company you'd think about and 2) what non VC avenues are available to finance said company to a 24 year old?

Regarding 1, My thoughts come back to B-School and how it looks to leave after 1 year. Short term risk is minimal as I make $100k a year with 80 hour weeks. Long term you probably get knocked down a beg from ~Wharton~ to ~Columbia or lower~ with a blemish on the resume if I want to reset to go back to investing or take a bigger crack at entrepreneurship. Any thoughts are appreciated for how you'd think about it.

Regarding 2, I wouldn't take seed money if the option presented itself. I've opened options to a high paying software job 9-5 and grinding at night, angels, a search fund, and debt. I don't have a good handle on angels or a search fund if anyone has any solid reading material or perspective. Other avenues are also appreciated.

I realize this post might come off as unfocused. Part of that is intentional as I'm really just trying to understand all my options here while giving the nuts and bolts of the situation.

Appreciate the help and thoughts.

  • Richard

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Feb 18, 2020