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Hey WSO Community,

What's the rule for adding deals from past deal-teams? I left my group at a major BB at a lull in the market but one of the deals I had worked on (went to all intro meetings, board meetings, fairness commitee, sales deck, etc.) closed after I had already left the firm. Can I include this on my PE resume? I can speak to the deal even down to how pricing was confirmed upon.

This question also applies to a private debt deal I had worked on, and it announced a month and a half after I left the firm but I was a part of the heavy lifting (Meetings with management, credit rating meetings, etc.)

Appreciate your thoughts! This monkey is ready to get a job.

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May 17, 2018

Yes, this is fine. Wondering why you would quit before having something lined up? It'll be a difficult sell to PE firms that you just decided to leave because of a "lull" in the market.

May 17, 2018