Left investment banking and looking to pass on interview/job prep material for the next generation

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Hi all,

I left tech leveraged finance and have now transitioned to strategy & ops in tech late 2018. As I move to my new spot in East Village, I realized I still have all my investment banking material I've accumulated over the past 5 years during my stint in investment banking. It really would be a shame to throw all the material away and let it go to waste.

If there are any undergrads in the Manhattan area, looking to learn more about investment banking or to prepare for investment banking interviews, I have a lot of solid material to sell below. Material could be bought in bundles or individually, prices can be negotiated.

  • WallStreetPrep Premium Package (@$500 value): selling for $400. It includes walkthroughs for financial modeling, DCF modeling, M&A modeling, trading comparables, transaction comparables, and LBO modeling. This package is lightly used and when I bought it a couple years back it really helped me learn how to model for everything on the job.
  • WallStreetPrep Basic Package (@$200 value): selling for $100. This is the abridged version of the premium package above. This includes the self study guide on how to conduct financial statement modeling.
  • Complete Interview Guides by Breaking Into Wall Street and Vault Guide
  • The book "Investment Banking" by Joshua Rosenbaum and Joshua Pearl