Left job at F50 Ops - need advice

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Dear reader,

I recently left my job at a F50 food processing company after one year, I started as a trainee and was promoted to oversee the Milling operations in upstate NY which required me to remain at the location for at least another year. I realized that big city life is essential for me since I grew up in Hong Kong, and the culture of food production companies are just not for me.

I graduated from a reputable midwest public university with a degree in Food Science. I'm finding difficulties transferring my skills to finance and I'm aiming to land a role in Manufacturing/ Ops/ Supply Chain consulting. Since I'm still rather green, and tough to compete with elite fresh graduates in entry-level consulting roles, what are the best firms to look for? And if I should build on experience and relocating to a major city like NYC/ Chicago, which type of roles should I be looking for, such as Business Operations/ Operations associate roles? I started looking at roles in startups as well.

I'm preparing myself for an elite business school for MBA, and MBB consulting firms soon after. What would you suggest my best approach forward? I do not want to rush to settle on any role, and would not mind starting from scratch again. Thank you in advance for the feedback!

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Sep 5, 2019