Lenovo for Finance Hardos (2021)

Hi Monkeys,

Incoming IBD SA here. I understand that my firm will likely provide a dedicated work laptop, but I'm still looking for a Lenovo for personal use (macs are a no-go, and comparable windows devices like the Dell XPS don't have dedicated keys for pgup, pgdn, etc). Which Lenovo model do you all recommend? I'm something of a tech nerd (LTT viewer), but I still can't make heads or tails of their Thinkpad T or X lineup.

The only real spec preference is an AMD CPU since I'm knowledgeable enough to customize RAM and SSD. Also, I'm not looking for a powerhouse workstation that'll have 2 hrs of battery life lol. The most power I'll need is (MAYBE) a dGPU for League whenever I can squeeze it in (but let's be honest, most modern mobile CPUs could run League at high no problemo).


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