Leveraged Lending vs. Leveraged Finance

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Hey all, what're some of the key differences between working in a MM Lev Fin group and working on a leveraged lending group? I have an interview coming up in a Leveraged Lending group and it seems a lot like Lev Fin, except that it's for a pure commercial bank. This team doesn't underwrite high yield bonds and seems to take more of a lend and hold strategy rather than taking the loans to market like a Lev Fin group, however from the research I've done, most middle market LBOs are financed by senior debt and mezz, so I'd assume MM Lev Fin teams aren't underwriting HY bonds to begin with. I think I have a solid grasp of Lev Fin overall, but the way this position is being marketed I really just want to make sure I get the nomenclature correct.

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Jun 19, 2017