Leveraging FT offer - Worth the risk?

Hey guys,

Need your help answering a hypothetical question.

Let's say you are currently an intern at a mid-tier investment bank in a top group (i.e BAML LevFin). Is it worth it to risk trying to recruit toward the end of that summer and ultimately leverage your FT offer to get to GS/MS?

I see the potential risks as:
- Word getting to your group that you're trying to recruit around.. no return offer
- Potentially having to let your return offer expire in order to finish the interview processes at other banks
- Jumping ship from a top group to potentially land in a random/less-desired group at GS/MS

Obviously the point of doing this would be to try to capture more prestige and lock down a top name for your resume. But are the potential dividends that could be paid in your future career and the increase in prestige worth all of those risks?

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Nov 9, 2018 - 2:17am

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