Leveraging International Work Experience (EM's in Asia) to Transition Back to the U.S.

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Seeking some advice here:

American, top 5 undergrad in U.S.
Background is 2 years of merchant banking experience in U.S. and 3 years of private equity (growth) in Asia's EM's, both at reputable firms.

MBA from global top 7 business school

Rather than going directly back to the investment field, I wanted to gain some experience working in hands-on operating roles and have worked at 2 PE-backed companies directly for the Founder/CEO's, mostly leading expansion efforts across the Asia + South Asia region - some M&A, JV's, bd, the odd change management.

All told, roughly 8/9 years total work experience both in U.S. and Asia both on the investing and operating side. Decision to work on the operating side of businesses was to get a better understanding of the workings of a business since this isn't learned all that well at the investment banking / PE level (for the most part).

Seeking some advice on 1) ability to transition from an operating role back to and investment role and; 2) how best to angle into a role back in the United States? My thoughts are best to utilize assets which is experience overseas, networks around the world + PE/corp dev/strategy skills in more of a corp dev role at a multinational or perhaps a role in a value investing firm that does stuff globally.

Would be curious to hear your thoughts in terms of best ways to think about decision making and some suggestions.

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Jun 16, 2017