Leveraging Network

Hello fellow monkeys,

I have a few questions that i am hoping a few of you will be able to answer. I am fortunate to have a network of people can connect me to other influential people. The main question I have is what would be the most optimal way. I'll list the scenarios:

1) I have a close cousin who is a manager at Deloitte in the ERS division
2) I have a professor who went to a top mba program in Canada who has friends who are partners at some of the MBB. He said he was willing to refer me to them.
3) I have a pretty close friend who grew up with the recruiter at a mbb in canada. She also said she is more than willing to introduce me.

Some overarching questions I have

Should I try to meet with as many people from the firm I am most interested in or only a select few?
How much power does a recruiter wield? Would it be more ideal to get in the good graces of the recruiter or the consultants at the firm

The steps I was planning on taking:

1) Set up an informational interview with two consultants at firm
2) Send cover letter and resume to the recruiter pitching my self

Some background information: I am an undergrad studying business at a good university in Canada.

Hopefully people can pitch their ideas and all readers will be able to learn something.