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Jun 6, 2021 - 4:49am

@DTA / OP - happy to give guidance beyond the basic primers

Understanding the role of a bank in leveraged finance (seeking to win mandates to structure, arrange, & execute syndicated loan financings on an underwritten or best efforts basis, marketed to institutional investors - such as CLOs, BDCs, and credit funds), Life Cycle of a Deal and key events/milestones you need to create "Key Deliverables" for (Pitch/Proposal, Internal Approvals - Credit Risk Approval Memo & Underwriting Memo, Mandated via signing "Commitment Papers"--Commitment Letter & Fee Letter, Officially Launch Syndication via "Bank Meeting" -create Lender Presentation & CIM --where Company presents the PowerPoint you created, Closing via Credit Agreement (answer investor Q&A/diligence questions in between), reading the job responsibilities listed in the job description and conceptualizing based on where those fit within the life cycle of a deal, and what skillset the interviewers are seeking in candidates (attention to detail, already knowing a little to hit the ground running, credit skillset), as well as what skillset you would acquire over the course of a year resulting from your job responsibilities is a start (Credit skillset, legal docs knowledge, structuring of deals, etc.)

Probably a run-on, and I have better threads where I explain better. here:

Credit Fund Interview Prep:

Term Loan A vs. Term Loan B, All-in Yield calc on TLB (L+400, 99.0 OID, 1% floor):

How to Find EBITDA publicly

Direct Lending: Unitranche:

hope this helps. I'll edit and re-organize if ppl can't follow

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Jun 6, 2021 - 10:15pm

Read A Pragmatist's Guide to Leveraged Finance by Kricheff (second edition just came out). This guy is the real deal with tons of industry experience. Sort of the Bible of leveraged finance. 

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