Liquidity Constraint - sourcing deals

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How do sponsors/developers with a sub $1M net-worth get deals done on the acquisition or development side of the business? Will be challenging to do a deal that is $20M due to liquidity constraint from a lender that requires a borrower to meet a certain liquidity profile. Would be great to know how syndicators or developers deal with this issue. Thanks!

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May 15, 2019

Have funded two deals off this same profile. Find an equity partner willing to flash their liquidity/balance sheet strength to help secure the debt. May or may not require a liquidity guarantee fee (anywhere from 75-100 bps) if the LP is signing up for a completion guarantee or other limited recourse carveouts.

May 15, 2019

echo the above...they're also a lot of different structures (recourse vs non recourse) that will have significantly different guarantee profiles that are required by the lender. Leverage relationships - tap into experience and knowledge from lender contacts and let them be the initial guide.

May 16, 2019