List an internship you haven't started yet?

I have an ER internship with a local BB PWM group that I start in September.

I'm currently applying to 2018 SA positions, and that ER internship would be my best work experience. By the time I would be interviewing, I would've already started.

Is it acceptable to put it on my resume when applying for 2018 SA positions? And if it is, should I put my basic responsibilities that I know of (building and maintaining financial models, research reports, etc.) on it, or just put the position and "Start Date: September 2017."
The professionals I've talked to have been OK with having it on there as long as I clarify that September is my start date, but I'm stuck on the latter question. Just looking to gather opinions.

Final unrelated question: How do you feel about having your address on your resume? I'm from a non-target and not close to NYC or any major finance city, and it seems like there's no benefit other than from a formatting perspective, it looks cleaner with it.

United States - Northeast

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Jul 31, 2017

I'm also in your position now. Applying for 2018 London SA positions with a 6 week long advisory internship at my country's leading investment bank over an unusually long winter break and no prior front office experience.

My plan, for the time being, is to write it down without listing any responsibilities. Making assumptions about what you'll be doing seems somewhat presumptuous.

Jul 31, 2017

My advice would be don't add it at all, unless you really think itll be the difference between getting a first round interview or not. If you do think its a deal breaker, then put it on there, but be very careful about how you do this. Overall, my recommendation would be to avoid this entirely.

Jul 31, 2017