I am an undergraduate currently in the process of constructing a resume. My work experience includes (by date, in descending order):

  1. An internship at a little-known finance shop
  2. An internship at a law office
  3. Fast food job
  4. Work as a cashier and salesperson at a local retail store
  5. My own side business taping and editing videos for Weddings and events. I had maybe 10-15 clients over a couple years of work and charged a few hundred bucks each time. (This was in high school and freshman year of college)

I can only fit 3 of these on my resume. The finance shop takes up the majority of the space under work experience and I have also listed the law internship.

However, which of the last 3 should I list? I'm thinking that I should list the business but it wasn't really a legit business. It was mostly just doing work for family and family friends for some extra cash.

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makie it sound like a legit business, after all in banking when you are pitching you need to make everything sound legit.

Do what you want not what you can!

Financial Modeling


Try to quantify your business, like total revenues, profit margins, # of clients, etc.


Even if total revenues were like $3,000 and I had ~12 clients (Over 3 years)?

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