I am an undergraduate currently in the process of constructing a resume. My work experience includes (by date, in descending order):

  1. An internship at a little-known finance shop
  2. An internship at a law office
  3. Fast food job
  4. Work as a cashier and salesperson at a local retail store
  5. My own side business taping and editing videos for Weddings and events. I had maybe 10-15 clients over a couple years of work and charged a few hundred bucks each time. (This was in high school and freshman year of college)

I can only fit 3 of these on my resume. The finance shop takes up the majority of the space under work experience and I have also listed the law internship.

However, which of the last 3 should I list? I'm thinking that I should list the business but it wasn't really a legit business. It was mostly just doing work for family and family friends for some extra cash.

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makie it sound like a legit business, after all in banking when you are pitching you need to make everything sound legit.

Do what you want not what you can!

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Try to quantify your business, like total revenues, profit margins, # of clients, etc.


Even if total revenues were like $3,000 and I had ~12 clients (Over 3 years)?


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